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Tarpon Fishing is the silver lining of Boca Grande and our local waters, and Boca Grande Pass is the acknowledged tarpon fishing capital of the world. There's no known place on this earth where tarpon fishing anglers gather in such large numbers. Ranging from 20 to 150 pounds tarpon are hard fighters, and high jumpers and will create an adrenaline rush in even the most seasoned tarpon fishing angler. This has made Boca Grande the traditional place to fish for tarpon on the west coast for over a century. However tarpon fishing can be found throughout the Charlotte Harbor year round, and tarpon can be taken in great numbers from April well into September. 
Capt Andy and client with a big Tarpon fishing Boca Grande Pass
Methods Of Tarpon Fishing

The traditional method of Tarpon fishing is fishing Boca Grande Pass with heavy tackle, and live bait near the bottom of deep holes where most of the fish congregate. The traditional boat used, is a large sport fishing vessel. The captain stays at the helm with engines running, giving instructions to the tarpon fishing anglers that are trying to keep the baits from hanging in the rocky bottom in 70 foot deep water.
When a Tarpon hits the bait, the captain drives the boat forward quickly, attempting to hook the fish and pull it away from the many other boats competing for the Tarpon. Pass fishing Boca Grande can be challenging even with the most experienced fisherman, which makes the Tarpon Fishing one of the most exciting of sport fish.

Jumping Tarpon in Charlotte Harbor Artificial Jig fishing has recently become a widely used method of fishing the Pass. This method incorporates the of use a lead jig head with a plastic bait that simulates a live bait. The jig head is wire tied to the hook so it breaks-away leaving only the hook in the mouth of the Tarpon, hence the break away jig. This is a highly effective tactic for hooking and fighting tarpon on light tackle mostly 30 pound class stand up boat rods.
A modern Tarpon fishing method that has surfaced recently is to sight fish these creatures which can be really rewarding. Starting out an a summer morning when the wind is at a stand still and the water is slick calm, Tarpon can be found rolling and feeding on the surface throughout Charlotte Harbor. Live bait and artificals are the weapons of choice here. These fish are feeding in 5-15 foot of water and when hooked on the end of your line become explosive. Tackle is 25-30lb gear with 100lb leader and 7/0 hook for live bait or a variety of plugs and/or flies for the Fly-Guys.

Tarpon Caught in the Peace River near Punta Gorda

  There are no crowds to contend with and if there is another boat in the area he's probably your buddy. This gives you the room for unforgettable action allowing ample space and time to fight even the biggest of Tarpon. On a typical day you can easily jump 10 Tarpon, and perhaps boat 2 or 3. But one thing for sure it beats fighting a crowd and makes a trip a lot more memorable, And the scenery in Charlotte Harbor is magnificent.

Capt Andy is centrally located on the Charlotte Harbor and has pickup arrangements at numerous docks from Boca Grande, Ft. Myers, Sanibel, Port Charlotte, Englewood, Pine Island, and Captiva. Charters are available for a half day, full day, or night trip, and group arrangements can be made. We fish for Tarpon in Boca Grande Pass, Charlotte Harbor and along the beaches, live bait, jig fishing, or fly fishing. Capt Andy is a knowledgeable fishing guide and knows the local waters well. Not only does he Guide you to where the fish are he is an instructional guide who will leave you with an experience you will never forget.

"Good things come to those with Bait!" -Capt. Andy Boyette









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